. We handle wide varieties of medical problems requiring urgent attention,including but not limited to: Colds, flu, fever,
 Sore throats, ear aches, sinus infection, Sprains, strains, fractures, Minor cuts, burns, abrasions,lacerations, All work and auto-related injuries, Back pain, joint or muscle pain, Abdominal pain, new GI symptoms, Suspected S.T.D. infection, Bronchitis and persistent cough, Headaches, migraines, Skin rash, allergies, Acute unrelieved pain (dental,traumatic, etc.) Suspected bladder or kidney infection, Other acute non-emergency medical problems


Why Us?

Prompt,courteous and expert care provided in a warm,friendly environment. Knowledgeable,experienced, caring physicians available for all your urgent medical needs. Happily accepting a wide variety of insurance plans to cover your urgent medical needs. Walk in anytime for immediate, affordable medical care. Most patients seen and discharged in about an hour.


Common illnesses

Minor Emergencies   

General Family Care

Work and Sport Related Injuries

Physicals for, school and sports 

Lab Tests Including COVID 19


Flu and Tetanus vaccine

TB Test,

B12 Shots

Onsite Digital X-Ray