Q: Do you need any appointment for COVID testing at any of the MyHealth locations?
A: No, you do not need an appointment.
Q: Will my insurance cover COVID testing?
A: Yes, we bill everything through your insurance, if you would like to know the exact amount of what they will cover, please contact your insurance company for the most accurate information.
Q: What if I do not have insurance?
A: We at MyHealth offer a discounted price for patients who do not have insurance.
Q: What type of COVID testing do you offer?
A: We offer a Rapid Nasal Swab; Rapid Serology Testing and we also send a confirmatory swab to lab.
Q: What lab do we use at MyHealth?
A: We currently utilize Orchard Toxicology Lab; their contact number is 248.419.0999
Q: How long does it take for results?
A: If you choose to have a rapid test, you will receive your results that day. Results for the confirmatory send out will take approximately 72 hours or more- depending on the lab.
Q: If I need a work, clearance how do I get one?
A: MyHealth Urgent Care follows CDC guidelines on clearing patients to return work. Currently, one needs to have two negative nasal swabs withing 48-72 hours from each other to receive a work clearance.
Q: How do I obtain a copy of my results?
A: You can request for us to email you a copy on the day of your visit or when one of our Medical Providers call you with results please request it at that time. You also can pick up a copy of your results from the office.
Q: Will the antibody test tell me if I have ever had COVID-19?
A: Yes, the antibody test we use can detect IgG antibodies which is your long term antibodies your body builds, although we can't determine when or how, we can use the result of having a positive IgG antibody as an indication that you have had the virus before.
Q: Can I be tested if I do not symptoms?
A: Yes, are testing services are open to the public.
Q: How accurate are the rapid test?
A: Our rapid test have a high sensitivity to level to detect the virus, however, there is always chances of false-negatives, which is why we send a conformation sample to the lab to ensure the results of the rapid testing we do in office.
Q: How can I learn more about that test that you use?
A: At the time of your visit, you can ask any of the MyHealth staff for a fact sheet on the test that you are having it done.